Our Field- Chile

A Landscape of Extremes

Chile is not only the longest country, but also boasts the title of “The End of the Earth”, as the southernmost country in the world, closest to Antarctica. This narrow stretch of land is home to dry deserts, glacial valleys, rugged coastlines, and the Andes mountain range. Due to the remote nature of many areas in Chile, 75% of the population lives in the central region surrounding the capital city of Santiago.

A Landscape of Darkness

While traditionally considered a Catholic country, the current generation of Chileans consider religion to be an ideal for their grandparents, instead embracing agnosticism and atheism

A Landscape of Opportunity

We will begin our work in the capital city of Santiago, where Joel and Wendy Solomon have planted a church and ministered since 2004. Under their mentorship, we look forward to reaching Chileans for Christ through camps and children’s ministry outreach. We will disciple believers in Bible study and Jon will help teach new leaders at the Bible Institute.